The team of professionals at RESA GROUP share an enthusiasm and commitment for providing ours clients with the best possible. To this end, the company has developed Human Resources Policies which reflect both the traditional values of our company and also new tools for people management.

It is worth mentioning:

  • Commitment to equality: We take our commitment to gender equality very seriously and the Department of Human Resources take every step to ensure that there are no discriminatory practices within our organisation and equality criteria are met in every part of every function of our Organisation.
  • Health and safety: Given the sector we operate in, this is of utmost importance. Grupo Resa places great importance on issues relating to workplace safety and this is manifest in our policy of stringent training of employees to ensure that the safest operational procedures are always followed.
  • Conciliation of personal life and labor:  Including initiatives that allow balance and compatibility between both facets of our lives. We believe that this is an integral part of ensuring a motivated and productive workforce.
  • Professional Development:  This begins in the very first moment that we hire an employee and is followed up regularly thereafter through a series of annual evaluations and the formation plans.
  • Communication and dialogue:  We seek to maintain a high level of effective communication throughout our organisation. Starting from the directors and filtering down through the rest of the personnel. This policy results infrequent visits management and directors to our various sites of operation.

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EURO RESA, S.L. has a strict privacy policy with applicants who send their CV. For this reason we inform you, that your personal data is stored in a registered file for which our company is responsible. Your data has been stored to enable EURO RESA, S.L., to deal with recruitment process and carry out your professional offer. The purpose of processing your data is to manage your job application and the possible selection process, which may include your participation in various selection tests.

Your Data can be transferred to recruiting agencies and temporary employment agencies, enabling you to participate in other personnel selection opportunities. If your Data is incorrect, please let us know in writing, in order for us to correct it. You have 30 days to refuse, otherwise your consent will be assumed. You have the rights of access, rectification or cancellation, restriction of processing, objection, portability, and object to automated individual decision-making, in accordance with those established in the Data Protection Law. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification or cancellation, restriction of processing, objection, portability, and object to automated individual decision-making in accordance with that established in current legislation, by writing to the following address: Área Empresarial Andalucía – Sector 1, C/ Serranía de Ronda Nº 6-8, 28320 Pinto, Madrid or to the e-mail address info@gruporesa.com

Please visit our website including additional information regarding Data Protection www.gruporesa.com