The MC-36/15 MCWP achieves the perfect balance between robustness and safety.

It reduces assembly and disassembly time, leading to increased productivity and eliminating the need to use auxiliary equipment.

All elements in the platform are designed and manufactured in accordance with the standard EN-1495.

It enables comfortable, safe work, reducing user fatigue and helping to improve work efficiency.

Its most usual use is in allowing access for workers and building materials to all the points of a building undergoing construction, rehabilitation, in civil works, industrial maintenance or shipbuilding.

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MC-36/15 MCWP Elements

Maximum height (* Please contact Resa Group)*150 m
Maximum distance from ground to first bracing6 m
Maximum capacity total3.600 kg1.500 kg
Maximum distance between bracings, after first bracing6 m
Maximum number of people admitted53
Maximum length of the working plane30,10 m9,8 m
Width of the working plane1,35 m
Length extensible wall0,32 m to 1,60 m ( 1 to 5 extensible footings )
Maximum allowable wind speed during assembly / disassembly45,7 km/h
Maximum wind speed on service 55,8 km/h
Maximum thrust on rails 90 kg
Maximum wind speed during assembly / disassembly45,7 km/h
Maximum wind speed for off-duty status165,2 km/h

* For heights greater than 101.25 m contact Resa Group
Engine power groups4 x 1,85 kW2 x 1,85 kW
Nominal current4 x 4,2 A2 x 4,2 A
Start current100 A50 A
Power consumption12 kVA6 kVA
Power Voltage / Frequency400/50 V/Hz
Switching voltage / frequency24/50 V/Hz
Sound level60 dB (A)
Lifting speed5,8 m/min
Output Tools / Voltage / Current1 x 230V x 16A
1Registration Motor Group4Emergency position switch up / down
2Rating plate5Down position switch
3Switch up position6Gear indirect attack
7Position switch section11Double gearmotor with brake
8Level emergency switch position12Independent centrifugal brake
9Level switch position13Galvanized items
10Emergency Power door position14Base with integrated stabilizer

To cover all the gaps is necessary to integrate the system three new elements:

  • Railing anchor
  • Railing 0.30 m
  • Railing 0.60 m
  • Versatility
  • Cost savings
  • Overload detectors
  • On demand Integrated systems
  • Impact detector
  • Anemometer system
  • Drop Test
  • Lock system