The choice of scaffolding system depends on the requirements of the work and the use to be made of the structure, as well as its layout.

Resa Group has the R-70 modular system, used mainly to cover any façade or reconfiguration that arises, whether in new construction or rehabilitation. The European-type modular tubular scaffold system is mainly composed of frameworks that are united through platforms, skirting, handrails, and diagonals, offering customizable sets to any type of façade.

The Resablok multidirectional system is a multilevel and multidirectional scaffold based on longitudinal elements, featuring a joint every 50 cm, allowing the assembly of all elements with a clamp and wedge system that gives the assembly a great rigidity and stability. The Resablok system is appropriate for façades, towers, access stairways, perimeter scaffolding, birdcage scaffolding, formwork, façade stabilizers, suspended scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, temporary covers, etc.