Resablok is a multilevel, multidirectional scaffolding system consisting of a set of standard tubular parts fitted together by means of a system of clamps and wedges yielding a light, but completely rigid structure as the final result. The surface finish on all elements of the Resablok scaffolding is hot galvanization. It is appropriate for work in façades, towers, access stairways, perimeter scaffolding, birdcage scaffolding, formwork, façade stabilizers, suspended and cantilever scaffolding, temporary covers, etc. Our Resablok scaffolding is patented and holds Product Certificates accrediting the Spanish standards UNE-EN 12810-1 and UNE-EN 12810-2. Reduced number of components. Simple, lightweight, durable.

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Resablok Multidirectional elements
Vertical section
Toe board
Through platform
Light beam
Reinforced beam

Façade Scaffolding and pedrestian walkways

Façade Scaffolding

Temporary structures used to support materials and provide people access to different work areas in a building or structure.

Adapts to all kinds of façade configurations. Work levels every 2 m high. Access through hatches/ladders. Quick assembly.

Pedrestian walkways

Duly protected pedestrian walkways to allow vehicular and pedestrian traffic during the work. Possibility of installing working scaffolding at the top.

Protection against falling objects, transit area bounding, risk prevention.

Façade Stabilizers

Façade stabilizers allow to preserve the façade while demolishing and partially or completely replacing the inside of the building.

They are made up of a stable and strong tubular structure with counterweights to stabilize the system.

Quick assembly, maximum safety, wide range of dimensions, perfect performance under compression, tension and bending.

Options: vehicle passageway, pedestrian walkway, work shelter installation.

Temporary Covers

The structure consists of load bearing arches formed by shoulders, ridges, light beams and vertical supporting elements, connected by horizontal beams, which form the multidirectional system of the Resablok scaffolding.

Resistance to wind downforce and snow load, depending on operating conditions.



Fixed Towers

Whenever possible, towers must be anchored horizontally.

Mobile Towers

Given that, in mobile towers, loads are transmitted to the ground through the wheels, it is important to bear in mind the maximum load the tower can withstand based on the wheel strength.

Self-supporting Structures

If a tower is not stable due to its dimensions, the base of the scaffold needs to be widened.

Use of diagonals and support feet around the base of the tower for stabilization, or double bracing to increase the structure surface.

Access Stairways

Open-strings Stairways

We have a wide range of stairways to meet all needs and site requirements.

They can be used independently or together with a working scaffold.

Quick assembly. Maximum safety. High altitudes. Fast to move around. Shorter completion time.

Stairway modules with ergonomic steps and landings. Several dimensions.

Stair Profile

Structure mainly used as evacuation stairway in sites or large events. Variable height and width.

Great versatility and easy assembly thanks to the use of common platforms, allowing to install stairways in any width requested.


Birdcage Scaffolding

Birdcage scaffolding is the best solution to work on large surfaces at a certain height.

The features of the Resablok System elements provide strength and stability for the installation of lightweight structures.


Cantilever and Suspended Scaffolding

Cantilever Scaffolding

Sometimes the scaffold must be built on a support surface, working upwards in a vertical direction.

Access to impassable areas. Maximum safety. Spacious work surfaces. Availability of surfaces to place working tools or equipment needed for the work.

Suspended Scaffolding

There are situations where it is not possible to build the scaffold on the ground, so the only solution is to hang the scaffold from a higher point.

These structures, when anchored or tied to a higher level, provide access to lower areas, with one or more work levels.

Perimeter Scaffolding

Installing large structures with the RBP system makes it possible to vary the angle of the scaffolding modules, allowing to mount fences in spheres, deposits, cylinders and domes, etc.

Possibility to combine interior feet in installations at an angle of 30º to 60º approx., significantly reducing the weight of the structure while making the assembly faster and easier.



Rackmounts are metal tubular structures used for building or maintaining a set of pipes running in parallel, which may have different diameters and share the same path


Bridges and Walkways


The rehabilitation, repair, etc., of existing bridges, requires temporary tubular structures that hang from the bridge deck, allowing to work on the sides, piers and central arches


Some work phases require to shut off bridges, block existing entries, etc., so a temporary passageway needs to be provided