Designed and manufactured by Resa Group, the elevator is the result of years of operational experience in all kinds of applications of compromised access, such as builder hoists, industrial elevators or lifting platforms. The safety features and the efficient performance of Resa Group differentiate us from the rest.

With safety devices against excess speed integrated as standard and the facility to reach and activate the manual descent, you can be sure of performing reliable and safe operations for many years.

Resa Group’s R-300 elevator incorporates an elevation system through a rack and pinion for a safe and reliable operation. A pinion is directly ducked to each drive reducer, assembled on the cabin. Each pinion engages with the mast rack allowing the cabin to go up and down, and the movement is stopped by electrical integrated disk brakes in each motor. The elevation system through a rack and a pinion system requires a minimal maintenance and is extremely safe, reliable and versatile.

For years, Resa Group has developed a range of personnel elevators that, aside from being used the construction sector, are specially designed for industrial installations of all kinds, such as wind towers, cranes, thermal power stations, and in general any application in which it is necessary to elevate personnel. The current demand for elevation systems for people and materials is increasing in all types of industrial sectors, which is why Grupo Resa has developed a line of elevators which is outstanding for its versatility, reliability and safety.