The industrial elevator R-300 helps improve work efficiency and reduce commissioning time, which naturally raises work productivity.

This kind of elevator achieves the perfect balance between robustness and ease of assembly, not to mention the most important element: user safety.

Each manufacturing stage, from the receipt of the materials to be used to the completion of the different products is subject to exhaustive quality controls, culminating the process at our test benches, where the quality controls demanded by the current legislation for these elevators are performed.

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R-300 Elements
Maximum Height120 m
Maximum distance from ground to first bracing1,5 m
Maximum capacity total240 kg
Maximum distance between bracings, after first bracing1,5 m
Maximum number of people admitted2
Cabine dimensionsUsable space - Needed space0,6 m x 0,88 m - 1,12 m x 1,1 m
Maximum allowable wind speedMount & Unmount - Service & Out of service55 km/h -125 km/h
Cabine weight500 kg
Weight of the mast module25 kg
Lenght of the mast module1,5 m
Maximum height above the last anchor0,5 m
Engine power groups2 x 1,1 kW
Nominal current2 x 3 A
Start current36 A
Power consumption5 kVA
Power Voltage / Frequency400/50 V/Hz
Switching voltage / frequency24/50 V/Hz
Sound level60 dB (A)
Lifting speed13 m/min
Output Tools / Voltage / Current1 x 230V x 16A
1Registration Cabin5Down position switch
2Rating plate6Mount position switch
3Switch up position 7Unrail emergency position switch
4Emergency position switch up / down8Gear direct attack
9Superior level emergency switch position13Independent centrifugal brake & Emergency switch position parachute
10Open door switch position14Double gear motor with brake
11Latch door switch position15Base with integrated stabilizer
12Emergency switch position lower flap
  • Security ystem for closures with doors
  • Door locking system
  • Plant calls – Internal controls
  • Multi-speeds
  • Plant recognition
  • Overload System