The pneumatic platform with ATEX protection is designed for heavy industrial applications in explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

Suspended platforms allow to easily access every corner of internal walls, external cooling towers, tanks, fireplaces, boilers, etc.

They are lightweight, safe and both easy and quick to install platforms.

As weight is important, platforms are made of aluminum, although the joint parts, such as brackets, are made of galvanized steel.

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Pneumatic suspended platform elements
Maximum platform lenght12 m
Interior width0,69 m
Maximum capacity635 kg
Speed8,5 m/min
Power0,96 kW
Suply1,9 m3/min @ 6 bar

*The platform elevator is certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

Telescopic Booms

Suspension booms allow to quickly access building façades from almost any rooftop and are very easy to install and remove. Solid upright position by counterweights and easy transportation thanks to the rotating wheels.

Parapet Clamp

When the parapet is sufficiently strong (reinforced concrete, etc.), our parapet clamps can be mounted directly. The clamp is movable through two sets of rollers.



For reduced wall thicknesses, such as tanks and deposits, we offer special clamps that fit the contour perfectly.

Pinzas sobre peto-electrico
Pinzas sobre peto-electrico
Special Clamp Boom

Consisting of an adjustable boom to suit different types of cantilevers, it is especially designed for tanks.

This suspension device is equipped with a dual caster system to allow smooth and safe rolling.

Pescante especial pinza
Pescante especial pinza
Security elements from neumatic suspended plataform elements