Resablok is a multilevel and multidirectional scaffolding, composed of a set of standard tubular elements assembled together by means of a knot and wedge system, which results in a light and totally rigid scaffolding structure.
The surface finish of all Resablok scaffolding elements is hot-dip galvanized. It is suitable for work on facades, towers, access ladders, perimeter scaffolding, volume scaffolding, falsework, facade stabilizers, hanging and cantilevered, temporary roofs, etc.
Our Resablok scaffolds are patented and have Product Certificates in accordance with the UNE-EN12811-1, UNE-EN12811-2 and UNE-EN12811-3 Standards. With a reduced number of components. Simple, Light, Durable.
Screw jacks
Vertical standards
Toe boards
Side brackets
Access decks
Lattice beams
Diagonal braces
Intermediate reinforced ledgers

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