Quality, environment and occupational risk prevention policy


The Management of Grupo Resa is aware of the need to maintain optimum levels of health and safety in our activities, of the value of the environment and of the demands of the market with respect to a high level of quality of our products and services.

We want to maintain a system of quality, prevention of occupational hazards and environment, which shows our serious and responsible commitment to:

1) Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements regarding safety, health, environment, and those that affect our products and services; as well as respect the commitments made to our customers, suppliers and other interested parties.

2) To implement in the Organization the 3 basic Principles that inspire our Corporate Social Responsibility:

_ Respect for People.

_ Total Commitment to the Customer.

_ Defense and Respect for the Environment.

3) To continuously improve the Integrated Quality – Environment – Occupational Risk Prevention System defined in the Organization, so that it helps to improve the efficiency of all our operations, seeking to minimize their environmental impact and occupational risks.

4) To prevent all types of accidents and incidents, or any aspect that negatively affects the health and safety of workers, both those belonging to Grupo Resa and those belonging to our subcontractors, customers and other interested parties.

5) To prevent all types of environmental aggression, especially pollution, depletion of natural resources and minimization in the generation of any type of waste.

6) Improvement of products and services. The established system allows us to detect and correct immediately any error that may occur, since a personalized follow-up of the same is carried out.

7) Means for the provision of the service. Efficiency. Grupo Resa has the appropriate technical means and excellent training of the company’s personnel.


The Policy constitutes the reference framework for defining objectives and goals in the organization.

This Policy is available to all interested parties who require it and is also known by the members of the company, and any person working on its behalf.


We are available to answer your questions through the following channels:

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