RESA GROUP is a multinational corporation comprised of 19 companies who specialise in the design, engineering, manufacture and installation of scaffolding systems with a focus on two integral but distinct areas of activity:


We have developed, designed and manufactured scaffolding systems focusing on both tubular and motorised versions. We have commercialised an extensive product range which complies fully with the regulations and norms specified by sector guidelines, including but not limited to; hanging scaffolds, the manufacture and sale of new tubular scaffolds and the provision of second hand scaffolding. In addition to selling such products, we offer a service by which scaffolding may be hired outright or provide installation on a ‘key in door’ basis.


We have successfully installed our scaffolding systems for a variety of clients making provisions for their specific requirements (industry, rehabilitation, construction, etc.). We offer an Integral Service that includes; project engineering, transport, assembly, rental and disassembly of structures based on the individual requirements of our clients.

Presently, through our commitment and knowledge of the industry we have managed to create one of the most competitive companies in the sector. We are committed in our pursuit of technological advancement and maximisation of organizational development. Our focus in these areas, especially with regard to prevention, security and labour health has secured the presence that we maintain in the national and international market.

Francisco Rios, Presidente Grupo Resa Andamios


The mission of GRUPO RESA is meeting the needs of the construction sector and industry in terms of scaffolding, providing customers with quality products and services, improving our products and services, constantly providing economically attractive options, high quality and specially safe.


Our vision is to be one of the leaders in the service industry, with a multinational presence and in a continual state of growth. We hope to be known as providers of a service that ensures product and service excellence and at the same time continue to offer our employees opportunities for personal and professional development and have a positive impact on society.


To provide our customers with a service that always exceeds their expectations on quality and unbeatable security, through efficiency and constant innovation. This is how we define our principles.


The RESA GROUP began its activity with a very clear objective: to be a leading service-provider for scaffolding in the construction sector. The evolution of the market and RESA’S capacity to anticipate the direction it would take meant that in the 1990’s we began to re-orientate our activity towards the Industrial sector. As a result today we are the main provider in this sectorat the national level.


Throughout our 25 years of existence, the RESA GROUP has been able to generate a broad network of offices and this has allowed us to undertake projects in a wide range of countries and locations such as; Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Colombia and China, among others. We began as a modest local service business and today we are a multinational company operating in 8 countries and distributing in a further 12.