Francisco Ríos Vaquero founds RESA Scaffolding in Madrid, a company oriented towards the Restoration Sector.


The company designs its own scaffolding system, meeting all European requirements and requisites.


Offices are opened in the south of Spain as well as the group’s first factory.ios.


The company diversifies into the industrial sector and consolidates its activity in the Restoration and Construction sectors.


The motorized scaffolding system is developed and introduced into the market, a pioneering advance in this sector in Spain.


The business becomes international (USA, United Kingdom, Denmark, Brazil, Asia, etc.), and an office is opened Italy.


The company purchases the Cordoba-based Factory: Movilidad y Autonomía (Mobility and Independence), which is officially certified as a Special Needs Work Centre. This Centre becomes the Company’s second factory.


The company cooperates in Offshore and Spanish Dockyard projects, participating in the most important naval projects ever carried out in Spain. A period of industrial consolidation follows with the creation of offices in Huelva, Algeciras and Cadiz.


A year of contracts signed with the principal construction companies in Spain (Dragados, Acciona, etc.) as well as an agreement with CEPSA for all maintenance work and new projects in all its refineries.


Creation of a Joint Venture with the British Company CAPE PLC, for the provision of industrial services in North of Africa and Latin America. The opening of a new factory in Fei Cheng (China), with the objective ofgaining access to the Asian market.


Continuation of the International Expansion Plan with the creation of service companies in Romania, Italy, Portugal, Colombia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.


Participation in the Repsol‘s C-10 project in Cartagena. Opening of offices based in Chile. Maintenance agreement in Italy, in floating Adriatic LNG terminal. Consolidation of subsidiary in Damman, Saudi Arabia. Establishment of branch in Sines, Portugal, taking part in the expansion of Sines refinery with ‘Technicas Reunidas’, among others.


Aramco Certification for the provision of services in Saudi Arabia. Barheim and other Gulf countries coverage .Presentation at Big Five Show, Dubai. New office in South Africa for local representation.


Through the support of its main customer in the country, Poh Wah Group, Grupo Resa approves and certifies their work platforms MC- 36/15 and MC -10 for use in Singapore.


CEPSA awards Euro Resa , main service of the Group, the Contract Services Framework assembly, use and dismantling of scaffolding in the coming years .

Resa Group becomes sole winner of the contract in scaffolding for expansion project Matsa Mina de Aguas Dyed SAU , with an initial budget of  400M €


The King Abdulaziz Centre for World Culture project stands as the greatest achievement of the group in Saudi Arabia. More than 1,600 tons and more than 150,000 cubic meters of scaffolding Resablok .

Approval of the work platform MC-10 by the Department of Design and Construction of the City of New York.


Completion of the internal development Resa Global Management – RGM , a cross-platform software that includes the registration and control of all services related to the productive activity.

Resa Egypt was organized together with local partners to meet the demand of future investment projects in the country.

Through its subsidiary , Euro Resa Gibraltar, Resa Group began to serve in the main shipyard Gibdock colony.


RESA GROUP and PREZIOSO Linjebygg create a multiservice provider company, RESA PREZIOSO Industrial Services.