RESA GROUP is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of scaffolding systems and the leader in Spain within this sector. Our advanced design, development and manufacture processes result in top quality products in both new and used scaffolding. We have two production lines of scaffolding, tubular and motorized (suspended scaffolding), which are available for sale and rent.

Throughout our history we have managed to integrate new management tools and modernize our processes so that today we have advanced systems that are capable of meeting the times and rare quality requirements of the sector. Our processes are based on “Lean” tools that provide efficiency in all the activities of the construction business, dismissing those that do not add any extra value, in order to create tangible benefits for the end-user.


RESA GROUP pays a very careful attention to its projects, which differentiates it from competitors. All the assemblies we perform are supervised by our engineering department, which do load and resistance calculations, as well as simulations of the behavior of the structure. This process ensures the quality and safety of the tubular and suspended scaffolding, regardless of whether the material that is used is new or second hand. On the other hand the use of the material is optimized by avoiding unnecessary elements, which reduces the expenses for our customers.