Organization, planning and control for mass service management

RGM is a comprehensive management software designed to audit in real time the productions, yields and margins in those work centers where your company operates. The system will allow you to trace and control from the beginning to the end of each service performed, from an administrative, productive and safety point of view.

RGM operates as a cloud service through any device and anywhere in the world. With all the security measures and privilege system granted according to the professional category of each employee or technician of your company.

RGM is a solution suitable for assembly companies with massive services, and industrial or multiservice companies. Operators, foremen, safety technicians, administrative personnel, site managers, production managers, delegates or managers.




Traceability of all services produced

Service to be reported
Service reported in administration.
Service on service sheet, Pending self-billed service.
Service self-billed, pending collection.
Service collected.
Service closed.

Daily attendance. Issuance of pre-payrolls. Payroll variables

Control of pickings, absences, overtime, per diems.
Possibility of assigning productivity bonuses.
Issuance of pre-payrolls.

Monthly economic closings

Monthly closings of income/expenses and annual accumulated.
Any punctual consultation of income/expense by center, client or work.

SDS trace, auto invoices, pending collection.

Control of pending invoicing.
Control of pending collection.
Issuance of certifications.
Issuance of proformas. Possibility of exporting to a PR.

Issuance of service delivery notes

Delivery notes for M3, M2, ML.
Installation, administration, closed price, work progress, etc. delivery notes.
Generate different types of service delivery notes, adapting them to your company’s activity.


Status of material on site

Know at any moment if your material is being assembled, assembled, in use, ready, not ready, being checked, pending, etc.

Trace of revisions

Have all the traceability of the revisions of each of the scaffoldings produced on site.


Know at all times where you are and how to locate your services.

Revision delivery notes

Obtain the delivery notes with the scaffolding to be overhauled according to the periodicity set by your customers.

Training records

Have all the training and medical check-ups of your operators registered as well as previous alerts before their expiration.

Staff access control

Filter the selection criteria for site access and obtain the available personnel in your workforce. Plan in advance the training of your staff.


Daily production

Know your daily production through control ratios generated by the registered services as well as their accumulated equivalents in Euros.


Manage the performance of your work centers, your staff and your sites. Analyze deviations in time and take corrective and improvement measures.


Instantly monitor and consult margins by customer or job site. Make timely decisions.

Costs / expenses

Know in real time or through historical data your production costs, per M3,M2,Ml, per hour worked, etc.

Status of services on site

Have your works organized. Control the material available on site, M3/M2/ML put into service, M3/M2/ML or TN pending dismantling, etc.

Delivery notes for the customer

Generate and have control of the service delivery notes made. Know which ones are in the client’s possession pending signature, signed, pending to be reported to the administration or reported for certification and invoicing.

Reporting and control